I am a young researcher in climate sciences, motivated by understanding the climate response to anthropogenic forcing, to better project the future and adapt. 
I recently completed a PhD at the IPSL insitute in France, where I explored the behavior of the El Niño phenomenon in different climates, as simulated by Earth System Models. I looked into both climates that have existed in the past, thousands years ago, and idealized climates showing the response to an increase in the atmospheric CO2. I studied for example the El Niño physics, the consistencies and inconsistencies between models and data on paleo-climates, the energy transports associated with El Niño, or the South Pacific Convergence Zone, its variability and its links with El Niño.
Currently I am working as a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Exeter and with the Met Office Hadley Centre, as part of the “Real-world” project. The project aims at producing robust projections of the “real-world” climate change and quantifying the uncertainties in projections. My work is focused on diagnosing the response of tropical rainfall to global warming. I am investigating the relationships between rainfall and surface temperature, relative humidity, large-scale circulation, moisture budgets, convective regimes, especially over land with a particular interest in rainforest regions.
Since scientific outreach is a subject that matters greately to me, I also got involved in outreach projects and hope this will go on in the future.

Research interests:
* Climate change(s), variability and sensitivity
* Tropical climate and variability
* Tropical convection, convective clouds and circulation
* Tropical rainfall mechanisms and projections
, rainforest moisture budgets, large-scale circulation
* Cl
imate change 
related issues (adaptation & mitigation, urban adaptation)
* El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) teleconnections, impacts and projections
* SPCZ and Southwest Pacific variability
Involvement in Research programs:
* Robust Spatial Projections of Real-World Climate Change
* ELPASO (El niño: Lessons from the Past using Simulations and Observations)
* PMIP3 (Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project)
& PMIP3 PaleoVar working group 
M.Saint-Lu @ exeter.ac.uk

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